Saturday, November 24, 2012

Travis Bird, "Bourgeois Treats"

Bourgeois Treats
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Album: Travis Bird, Bourgeois Treats
Format: CD
Label: 'Spective Audio
Release: Forthcoming, early 2013

Americana is as much an attitude as it is tradition. Travis Bird’s americana constantly turns corners from modest folkways to jazz overtones, creating chiming, layered pop on his debut, Bourgeois Treats. Embracing churning tension with the ease of a traveler at home wherever rest finds him, Bird’s america is not rushed, not rusted. But not easy. It reflects that surprising quiet of clear, cold Chicago mornings, as well as the unpredictable humidity of overgrown New Orleans ruins. Between these two homes, Bird situates his vision, reflecting every step from one to the other.

How do you express animosity within the friendly confines of common expectations? This radical America hides in plain sight, passed by everyday expectations around each corner. With those corners within tradition, the attitude comes with the way one turns them. Bird turns them with a patient hand and sharp vision. The cutting, burning pop of "Julica" and "Both Ways" exemplify the urgency of that vision, while "Wind Blow Your Memory Away" and "Summer of Your Discontent" collapse that vitriol into graceful melodies. Between these boundaries, Bird fills "Honey and Heat" and "Withdrawal" with an easy, churning shuffle that wipes away the sweat. Yet, "Cycle of Love and Release" pushes those dramatic flourishes like a rumbling "L" train piercing that crystal clear cold.

For reference, Bird's America hints at the layered compositions of Television, extending guitar rock tropes. It glazes over with the disquieted comfort of Neil Young's delivery, or the surprising suspense of The Band. Fans of mindful, direct pop songwriting, and the diverse attitudes of American rock that aren't quite punk, Southern, jazz, or folk, will enjoy Bird's unique performances. Previously a member of numerous experimental collaborations as a multi-instrumentalist in Chicago, Bird steps to the fore to deliver his first solo effort.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

SPCTV LP10 The N.E.C. "Last Point of Radiation"

300 pressed / 200 clear / 100 black SOLD OUT  / LIMITED screenprinted inserts -- approximately 60 / UV spot jackets.

4th LP by prolific Atlanta psych group The N.E.C.! Captures the group's dynamic live sound, reflecting their live shows played in support of their Pineapple and Is albums.

Natural Extension Concept (The N.E.C.) reach the destination of their psychedelic voyage on their forthcoming LP, Last Point of Radiation. This LP is the trio's most direct statement, mixing pummeling, layered rock and expansive desert explorations.

The album reflects the group's powerful live sound, honed throughout their shows supporting their previous releases. The trio’s dynamic focus is enhanced by the recording and delivery of these performances. Recorded on an Ampex AG-440 1” 8-track, the N.E.C. delivered the bulk of these cuts on the first take. Each member of the trio maintains a spirit of structured noise on Last Point of Radiation, resulting in a collection of concise, intense statements.

In the spirit of private press LP releases, Last Point of Radiation will feature deluxe UV-spot jackets, as well as limited screenprinted jackets. These features carry a visual theme throughout the record and its packaging, ensuring that this direct, dynamic musical statement offers each listener a special artifact. 

PAYPAL: spectiveaudio [at] gmail [dot] com

Thursday, April 12, 2012

SOLD OUT! The N.E.C. "Six" b/w "Popsicle"

Atlanta's Natural Extension Concept (The N.E.C.) arrive at their destination, after winding their psychedelic voyage through power pop and punk on their last records. In the meantime, this trio played killer live shows, focusing their noisy excursions through driving, dynamic song structures.

That dynamic, driving sound runs throughout concise statements and desert explorations on their forthcoming LP, Last Point of Radiation.

You can get a sneak peak at the sound of that album with the trio's lead single, "Six." The limited pressing of 100 features screenprinted jackets, ensuring that each single is a special artifact for its listener. Spun at 33 rpm, the extended single is loud, focused, and noisy, as The N.E.C. pummel your ears with "Six"'s relentless riff. Truly a monolithic sound, the band unify to drive their parts into oblivion. DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE HERE!

On the flip, exclusive B-side "Popsicle" yields burned-out sunshine pop, equal parts soul and debauchery. One of the strong points of The N.E.C.'s catalog is their ability to maintain soulful rhythms and catchy anthems alongside their noisy counterparts. "Popsicle" is the final stop for that thread in the band's catalog, and the trio counter "Six" with a rowdy, swaggering pop statement.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The N.E.C. "Six" 7" and "Last Point of Radiation" LP

SPCTV LP10 The N.E.C. Last Point of Radiation LP (July 10, 2012)

The Natural Extension Concept, Atlanta’s psychedelic travelers, arrive at their destination this year. ‘Spective Audio is proud to announce its first vinyl releases, The N.E.C. Last Point of Radiation LP and “Six” b/w “Popsicle” single. Flexing their muscle with pummeling, layered rock and expansive desert explorations, The N.E.C. present an opportunity to feel the energy of their powerful live sound on wax.

The N.E.C. drove through the universe of psychedelic music over the course of their last two albums. From the rollicking acid punk of Is through the meandering power pop of Pineapple, the group exploited their strong, soulful rhythms with dreamy atmospherics and left-field excursions.

Last Point of Radiation presents another chapter in their ceaseless journey for mind manifestation with the group’s most direct, immediate statement to date. Beneath the shifts between their previous albums, the trio played blistering live shows that amplified their noise within the immediate constraints of their song structures. Each member of the trio enacts the spirit of that structured noise throughout Last Point of Radiation, maintaining intense, concise statements.

The trio’s dynamic focus is enhanced by the recording and delivery of these performances. Recorded on an Ampeg AG-440 A 1” 8-track once owned by Todd Rundgren, the N.E.C. delivered “Six,” “Dead Man,” Death Training Video,” and the title cut in one take. The remaining songs featured second-take performances, ensuring that Last Point of Radiation is a direct transfer of energy.

This is the mark of the best psychedelic records, as soulful rhythms and dynamic song structures lead effected insanity and explorative jams. “Six” perfectly captures this spirit with monolithic, riff-heavy exercises building to righteous release. The album follows its opening statement, with brilliant, expansive surprises and wicked, direct punches. DOWNLOAD "SIX"

In the tradition of private press releases, this gem of subversive Americana features thematic screen printed inserts and deluxe album jackets. The LP pressing will be 300 (200 clear, 100 black, 33 RPM), and 100 copies of the single will be pressed (black wax, 33 RPM). Limited screenprinted inserts, 7" artwork, and LP labels will carry a visual theme throughout both releases. Together, both pieces will form complete visual and musical themes, offering each listener a special artifact for their mind’s consumption.

Contact spectiveaudio [at] gmail [dot] com for ordering details:
-LP/screenprinted insert/black wax
-LP/screenprinted insert/clear wax

The N.E.C.
Proudly pressed and printing with Gotta Groove Cleveland and Stoughton Printing.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sawi Lieu / I\D CDr

I first had the chance to hear this split CDr between Indonesian artist Sawi Lieu and Singapore's I\D while reviewing the disc through Foxy Digitalis. The extreme filters, synthetic layering, improvization, and joyful experimentation immediately captured me. I think there's definitely an audience for this type of experimental music in America, and I\D was kind enough to send some copies to me.

Sawi Lieu's contribution to the disc is an extended synthetic loop or series of layers, which are extremely filtered. Completely unpredictable filter sweeps interrupt the signal at points, invoking the feeling of joyously recording at home and mashing all he effects one can find. However, this isn't simply filter mashing; Sawi Lieu effectively builds synthetic layers by introduced new parts atop his repetitions, ultimately creating the image of a blissful, endless sonic blast.

I\D contrast Sawi Lieu's synthetic layers with series of live drum propulsions and wild, unrestrained guitar work. There are other synthetic elements and unclassifiable noises throughout the two parts of I\D's suite -- "Four Horesemen of the Apocalypse," and the electronic elements are as extreme as the filters on the wah-wah guitar. As the second part enters, the ensemble insanity cools, and I\D present hypnotic, cleaner guitar sequences. I\D present a distorted, interrupted version of completely free improvisation that nevertheless portrays a clear vision through their interaction.

CDr: Sawi Lieu / I\D split (self-released) $7 ppd US / $10 ppd world

I\D back catalog

I recently received copies for distribution of the Sawi Lieu and I\D split CDr, to showcase the collaboration between noisemakers from Indonesia and Singapore. I also received a few copies of two previous releases from experimental group I\D.

Midnight Hot and Elite, Kvlt, Irrevocably Tr00 showcase I\D's penchant for unrestrained experimentation between noise and completely free jazz. As a result, the group present tracks that are percussive and intense along some surprising displays of space, loose arrangements, and disconcerting stops.

At their very best, I\D play a type of acid-fusion, building their abstract elements into tense crescendos and structured jams driven by drums and guitar. Overall, the development of their noise is blissful, experimental, and completely free -- there is a willful feeling of exploration and creation. Yet, it's not simply outsider jazz or unfocused wanking; the driving, start-and-stop explorations display willful explosion of genre expectations while establishing their own parameters through their instrumental interaction.

I\D produce personal, challenging improvizational and structured explorations of noise, free jazz, and electronic/synthetic manipulation.

CD: I\D, Midnight Hot (2009, self-released, 32 minutes), $10 ppd US / $15 ppd world

CD: I\D, Elite, Kvlt, Irrevocably Tr00 (2007, self-released, +60 minutes), $10 ppd US / $15 ppd world

Sunday, January 22, 2012