Wednesday, July 3, 2013


There's a lot of stuff going on for 'Spective artists, just in time for summer! 'Spective HQ are moving, too, so please email spectiveaudio [at] if you would like the following merch:

Travis Bird, Bourgeois Treats (CD)
The N.E.C., Last Point of Radiation (Clear)
The Sunny Muffdivers, All Half Evil (CS)
The Leavitt Ours, Return (CS)

Cinchel Upcoming Shows in Chicago!
July 12 (7 pm): Transistor Chicago (w/ Subnaught, Eltarnora, and Max Abstrax. Free / Donation)
July 15 (10pm): WLUW Destination Unknown (w/ Kat-o-rly)
August 9 (6pm): Saki Records (opening Kirstiecat photo show, "Remain in Light.")
August 19 (9pm): Whistler (Gladcloud Ambient Series)

The N.E.C. Tours!
July 12: Bowling Green, KY, Rocky's (w/ Jovontaes)
July 13: Lexington, KY, Green Lantern (w/ Jovontaes)
July 14: Cincinnati, OH, Chameleon Lounge (w/ Harlequins)
July 15: Chicago, IL, Permanent Records (6 pm, w/ Mouthbreathers)
July 16: Chicago, IL, Empty Bottle (w/ Magic Milk)
July 17: Cleveland, OH, Now That's Class (w/ We Are Hex)
July 18: Columbus, OH, The Summit
July 20: Brooklyn, NY, Seanaroo (w/ Sean Bones)

Travis Bird, "Honey and Heat"

Travis Bird's new single "Honey and Heat" bleeds through the ground like the summer overtaking spring, a sudden blow from unexpected storms to muggy slow afternoons stopped still. Following the chiming, layered pop of his debut, Bourgeois Treats, "Honey and Heat" extracts urgency and rawness from those layers. These layers are heavy and steadily pulsing, offering a striking contrast to the brighter tone of the album.  From the poisonous head to the purest bourbon smoke, Bird's garage song answers San Francisco's paisley with visions of New Orleans' blues: those basest structures supporting boisterous rumors and suppressed desires, delivered with trades between barbed wire guitars and hazy doubled vocals.