Sunday, August 21, 2011

SPCTV CS5 Update

The cassettes for Vital Sound I are being pressed, and the artwork is in the works!

The pressing will be approximately 120 copies, with special artwork by Chicago guitar artist / drone master Cinchel for one dozen copies. Artwork includes watercolor, acrylic, and ink. Cinchel's watercolors were featured in the Chicago Reader recently, as part of a fine Three Beats contribution by Leor Galil that also featured quotes from The N.E.C. / Sunny Muffdivers' own Cyrus Shahmir.

Feel free to email spectiveaudio [at] gmail [dot] com if you would like to reserve a copy. I expect to ship these cassettes at the end of August / early September.

Monday, August 8, 2011

SPCTV CS6: The Leavitt Ours, "Return"

A1. "Body Death"
A2. "Vitalist"
A3. "Ripped"

B1. "Touch Fetish"

Beneath the shadows of Chicago's fuzzier and heavier psychedelic sounds, The Leavitt Ours perform experimental pop in the private press tradition. In order to develop and produce their own reflective spaces and musical statements, the trio embrace aggressive ambient soundscapes, synthetic guitar tones, eclectic percussion rhythms, and driving keyed bass and synthesizer backbones.

This release celebrates a return from hiatus that scattered the band members across the globe for a few months, with some factions hiding in Chicago, others engaging in experimental music projects across the United States, and another writing in exotic corners of the universe. After working on opening gigs around town for the latter half of 2009 and early 2010, the group recorded for the remaining months of 2010. The recordings for this cassette are drawn from those sessions, marking a transition from that raucous, scattered group you saw at Ronny's, to a more expansive, experimental, ambient future yet to be realized.

Return is a C26 that celebrates the discovery of something presumed lost, finding once again what was buried beneath the surface. To complete this perfectly private, expansive, remote artifact or gift, the cassette features artwork by Evan Lindorff-Ellery (Notice Recordings, Dense Reduction) and handmade cases by Kelley Crawford.

Suggested $7 total for cassette/artwork; minimum $5. Postage included. PayPal: spectiveaudio [at] gmail [dot] com