Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tapes Update!

A few updates on 'Spective Releases:

-Tomentosa Records will be selling the Cinchel tape. His site is an excellent resource for out of print and rare noise/experimental/psychedelic music. Check out the site here.

-Cinchel tapes are basically sold out at the source. As far as I know, copies are available at Reckless Records, Permanent Records, and with the artist himself, as well as Tomentosa (as mentioned above). You can see Cinchel live in Rogers Park in February, more details soon. Buy some tapes at your local stores or from your local guitar artist!

-As far as I know, the Sunny Muffdivers and The N.E.C. tapes are still available at Permanent Records. I have copies of both these tapes available through PayPal as well.