Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The N.E.C. "Six" 7" and "Last Point of Radiation" LP

SPCTV LP10 The N.E.C. Last Point of Radiation LP (July 10, 2012)

The Natural Extension Concept, Atlanta’s psychedelic travelers, arrive at their destination this year. ‘Spective Audio is proud to announce its first vinyl releases, The N.E.C. Last Point of Radiation LP and “Six” b/w “Popsicle” single. Flexing their muscle with pummeling, layered rock and expansive desert explorations, The N.E.C. present an opportunity to feel the energy of their powerful live sound on wax.

The N.E.C. drove through the universe of psychedelic music over the course of their last two albums. From the rollicking acid punk of Is through the meandering power pop of Pineapple, the group exploited their strong, soulful rhythms with dreamy atmospherics and left-field excursions.

Last Point of Radiation presents another chapter in their ceaseless journey for mind manifestation with the group’s most direct, immediate statement to date. Beneath the shifts between their previous albums, the trio played blistering live shows that amplified their noise within the immediate constraints of their song structures. Each member of the trio enacts the spirit of that structured noise throughout Last Point of Radiation, maintaining intense, concise statements.

The trio’s dynamic focus is enhanced by the recording and delivery of these performances. Recorded on an Ampeg AG-440 A 1” 8-track once owned by Todd Rundgren, the N.E.C. delivered “Six,” “Dead Man,” Death Training Video,” and the title cut in one take. The remaining songs featured second-take performances, ensuring that Last Point of Radiation is a direct transfer of energy.

This is the mark of the best psychedelic records, as soulful rhythms and dynamic song structures lead effected insanity and explorative jams. “Six” perfectly captures this spirit with monolithic, riff-heavy exercises building to righteous release. The album follows its opening statement, with brilliant, expansive surprises and wicked, direct punches. DOWNLOAD "SIX"

In the tradition of private press releases, this gem of subversive Americana features thematic screen printed inserts and deluxe album jackets. The LP pressing will be 300 (200 clear, 100 black, 33 RPM), and 100 copies of the single will be pressed (black wax, 33 RPM). Limited screenprinted inserts, 7" artwork, and LP labels will carry a visual theme throughout both releases. Together, both pieces will form complete visual and musical themes, offering each listener a special artifact for their mind’s consumption.

Contact spectiveaudio [at] gmail [dot] com for ordering details:
-LP/screenprinted insert/black wax
-LP/screenprinted insert/clear wax

The N.E.C.
Proudly pressed and printing with Gotta Groove Cleveland and Stoughton Printing.

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