Sunday, May 20, 2012

SPCTV LP10 The N.E.C. "Last Point of Radiation"

300 pressed / 200 clear / 100 black SOLD OUT  / LIMITED screenprinted inserts -- approximately 60 / UV spot jackets.

4th LP by prolific Atlanta psych group The N.E.C.! Captures the group's dynamic live sound, reflecting their live shows played in support of their Pineapple and Is albums.

Natural Extension Concept (The N.E.C.) reach the destination of their psychedelic voyage on their forthcoming LP, Last Point of Radiation. This LP is the trio's most direct statement, mixing pummeling, layered rock and expansive desert explorations.

The album reflects the group's powerful live sound, honed throughout their shows supporting their previous releases. The trio’s dynamic focus is enhanced by the recording and delivery of these performances. Recorded on an Ampex AG-440 1” 8-track, the N.E.C. delivered the bulk of these cuts on the first take. Each member of the trio maintains a spirit of structured noise on Last Point of Radiation, resulting in a collection of concise, intense statements.

In the spirit of private press LP releases, Last Point of Radiation will feature deluxe UV-spot jackets, as well as limited screenprinted jackets. These features carry a visual theme throughout the record and its packaging, ensuring that this direct, dynamic musical statement offers each listener a special artifact. 

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