Thursday, February 2, 2012

I\D back catalog

I recently received copies for distribution of the Sawi Lieu and I\D split CDr, to showcase the collaboration between noisemakers from Indonesia and Singapore. I also received a few copies of two previous releases from experimental group I\D.

Midnight Hot and Elite, Kvlt, Irrevocably Tr00 showcase I\D's penchant for unrestrained experimentation between noise and completely free jazz. As a result, the group present tracks that are percussive and intense along some surprising displays of space, loose arrangements, and disconcerting stops.

At their very best, I\D play a type of acid-fusion, building their abstract elements into tense crescendos and structured jams driven by drums and guitar. Overall, the development of their noise is blissful, experimental, and completely free -- there is a willful feeling of exploration and creation. Yet, it's not simply outsider jazz or unfocused wanking; the driving, start-and-stop explorations display willful explosion of genre expectations while establishing their own parameters through their instrumental interaction.

I\D produce personal, challenging improvizational and structured explorations of noise, free jazz, and electronic/synthetic manipulation.

CD: I\D, Midnight Hot (2009, self-released, 32 minutes), $10 ppd US / $15 ppd world

CD: I\D, Elite, Kvlt, Irrevocably Tr00 (2007, self-released, +60 minutes), $10 ppd US / $15 ppd world

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